How to create sponsored listings

In some cases, users may want to pursue more advanced ad-serving techniques such as Sponsored Listings. This allows publishers to use AdButlers powerful decision engine to determine the page content that should be promoted or sponsored. This is done with a combination of Custom HTML ad types in AdButler and through our JSON Ad API endpoint.


In this example, a certain paper company has a search results page and wants their advertisers to compete for a sponsored listing at the top of their search results listings. There are currently 2 paper supplies competing for this spot, Dwight, and Jim.

Step 1.

In AdButler, they've created themselves as the publisher, and created a dynamic zone where that will be used to access our JSON response.


Step 2.

Next, we'll use Custom HTML banners inside of "Dwight's Manufacturing" and "Jim's Manufacturing" campaign's and list the product ID that matches the ID used on the publisher's site.


Step 3.

Using the JSON Ad API, within the body{} parameter, you will find the ID of the listing that needs to fill the top listing on the page.


Trying to build something unique?

Combining AdButler's Custom HTML ad format and JSON Ad API endpoint allows for endless possibilities.

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