Creating a Custom HTML Ad item

Using a Custom HTML / 3rd-Party Ad Tag you can serve a block of HTML code for a custom ad or tracking script.

Custom HTML / 3rd-Party Ad Tag's are used to serve 3rd-party ads from an external source such as an ad exchange. Read more about 3rd-party ad tags ...

Creating a Custom HTML Ad Item

  1. Open up the Advertiser campaign or Publisher zone where you want to add a custom HTML Ad Item
  2. Add New ad item, selecting Custom HTML/3rd Party Tags
  3. Name the ad item by filling in the field. The name is only used for statistical purposes and isn't displayed with the ad item.
  4. Set the Display SIze for the ad item. You can choose from a variety of preset dimensions or enter your own.
  5. If you're using our click tracking macros and your ad doesn't have a destination, enter one into the Destination URL field.
  6. Raw HTML/Script - paste the ad item code here.
  7. Tracking pixel - If your advertiser has provided one, paste the tracking pixel here
  8. Backup Image - If you're including a fallback with your zone tag, either paste in the URL of a creative or select one from the media library in the Backup image field.

Configuring zone tags

Custom HTML will usually serve in an asynchronous Javascript tag, which is considered best practice in most cases. However, if you need the ad item to be responsive or to interact directly with the page, you'll want to configure your zone properties to serve with a basic JavaScript tag. Read more about how to configure a zone tag ...

If you are inserting a Google AdSense tag, you will need to make sure all zones that it is being assigned to are serving as a basic Javascript Zone Tag as per Google's delivery policy. Not doing so could result in your AdSense account being disabled. Always check with your 3rd-party provider to confirm how their tags should be served using AdButler.
If you want your custom HTML ad item to make use of AdButler's click tracking, you'll need to insert our click tracking macros.

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