How to edit zone metadata

You can add metadata to zones for personal reference and for organizational purposes. A zone metadata entry is a key-value pair. You create a key, aka a variable, then add the value for that variable that applies to that zone.

For example, you want to identify the zones that are in the upper half of a webpage. You can do that by creating a metadata entry. Let's name the key upper_half. Then, for zones that are in the upper half of a webpage, you set the value of upper_half to true. For zones that are in the lower half, you set the value to false.

Editing zone metadata

  1. Go to the dashboard of the relevant zone (Your AdButler > Publishers > Your Publisher > Your Zone ).
  2. Click Edit Zone Properties in the right menu. The Edit Zone window will appear.
  3. Click Add New beside Metadata to add a new entry.

Click on the pen and paper icon beside an existing metadata entry to edit it. Click on the x icon beside a metadata entry to delete it.

Editing metadata fields using the admin API

You can also add, edit and delete your metadata fields using our Admin API if you have the API Access add-on for your account. For more information, read our API Documentation:

Standard Zones

VAST Zones

If you don't have the API Access add-on, you can file a request to edit your subscription.

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