How to create a user login for a publisher

By default, a publisher can log into AdButler's interface, view only their statistics, and grab zone tags from their assigned zones. But the Administrator can give publishers additional permissions such as the ability to change their password, or to approve or deny ads assigned to their zones.

Creating a publisher user account

  1. Click on Publishers in the left navigation menu. The Publishers section will appear.
  2. Click on the name of the relevant publisher. That particular publisher's section will appear.
  3. Click on Edit Publisher Properties in the right menu. The Edit Publisher page will appear.

The Edit Publisher Properties button in a publisher's section

  1. Check the User Login Access box.

  1. Enter the email of the person to which you are providing access. You can change the auto generated password if you wish.
  2. Check any of the boxes above the User Login Link to enable additional permissions for the publisher. (optional)
  3. Click Save Publisher.

AdButler will send the account password and login instructions to the email address you provided.

What can publisher user accounts do?

A publisher user can access all statistics related to their account. They cannot manage or access information about campaigns or advertisers, even the ones assigned to their zones.

Publisher users can also access their zones' zone tag, which is the code that must be placed on the publisher's site or app to serve ads. You can also permit a publisher user to manage ad items in their zones. Finally, you can allow a publisher user to view the account's WordPress key, which is required to use the AdButler WordPress plugin.

Publisher statistics are found in the Statistics Reports and Publisher sub-sections within the Statistics section. You can access these by clicking on Statistics on the left navigation menu. Publisher users can create custom reports, save settings, and download their data using these sub-sections.

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