How to add user accounts

User accounts allow you to give limited access to your AdButler account to other people. This lets you keep your Administrator credentials secure and control what your team or partners can do when they're logged in.

  1. Click User Accounts on the left navigation menu. The User Accounts section will appear.
  2. Click Add User. The Create User Account window will appear.

Creating a user account in AdButler

  1. Enter the user's name, email address, and password. If you have an existing publisher or advertiser user, you can create a user account for them using the same email address that they already use to log in.
If you have the Roles feature enabled, you must assign a role to the new user account. You will not be able to manually configure the permissions of a user account.
  1. Allow AdButler to send the login credentials to the users' email. (optional)
  2. Enter the user's job title and add notes about the user. (optional)
  3. Click Create User Account. You will be taken to the new account's edit page, where you can set the new account's permissions.

A user account's edit page in AdButler

The Support Tickets permission will be available only if you have the Extended Support, Priority Support, or Personalized Support package. Enabling this permission allows the user to open a support ticket, as well as view and manage their own tickets. Read How to change your subscription for more information on choosing your Support package.

To access an existing account's edit page, click User Accounts on the left navigation menu, then click on the account's name on the table of accounts.

AdButler also has an optional Roles feature that lets you create templates of permissions instead of manually setting each user account's permissions. You can then quickly assign those templates to multiple user accounts. For more information, read How to add roles to user accounts. By default, only Enterprise subscribers have Roles enabled. Contact our support team if you want to have this feature added to your account.

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