Ad rotation and unique delivery in email zones

You can further customize email ad serving by editing its zone's properties, particularly how often the viewer sees individual ad items.

Unique Delivery lets you place a zone multiple times in the same newsletter and have each instance of that zone show ads from different campaigns. Adjusting ad persistence gives you the option to have users see different ads if they open the email again after a certain period.

How to adjust email ad persistence and unique delivery

  1. Go to the section of the relevant email zone (Your AdButler > Publishers > Your Publisher > Your Zone).
  2. Click Edit Zone Properties on the right menu. The Edit Zone window will appear.

The Edit Zone Properties button in AdButler

  1. Click on the switch on the far right of Unique Delivery to toggle the feature on or off.

Adjusting email ad persistence and unique delivery in AdButler

  1. Click Specific under Ad Persistence Window to enable ad rotation. Enter a value and choose between minutes or days in the dropdown menu. To disable ad rotation, click Forever.
  2. Click Save Changes.

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