Advanced macro glossary

AdButler also supports a wide variety of macros that are often useful for passing targeting information on to ad networks and RTB integrations.

Macro: used internally in AdButler when implementing tags, either in the Custom HTML / 3rd party script body, or Destination URLs / Tracking URLs.

Parameter:These are used by passing them to an AdButler request, either through the requesting URL directly, or via Async tags custom field.

Advertising ID: Device's Advertising ID

Macro Parameter Example
[ADVERTISING_ID] [ADVERTISING_ID_ENCODED] aduid Example: 96bd03b6-defc-4203-83d3-dc1c730801f7

Do Not Track: Flag indicated whether the user's data should be tracked or not (1 = enabled, 0 = disabled)

[DO_NOT_TRACK] dnt Example: 0

AppStore URL: App Store URL


Latitude: Device's current latitude

[LATITUDE] lat Example: 48.424497

Longitude: Device's current longitude

[LONGITUDE] long Example: -123.369506

Application Bundle / Package Name: Application's package or bundle name name (depending on the device/OS)


Application Name: Application's package or bundle name name (depending on the device/OS)

[APP_NAME] [APP_NAME_ENCODED] appname Example: Google Play Music

Operating System: Name of device operating system

[OS_NAME] [OS_NAME_ENCODED] os Example: Android

Operating System Version: Version number of device operating system

[OS_VERSION] [OS_VERSION_ENCODED] osv Example: 7.0.0

Device Make: Manufacturer of the device

[DEVICE_MAKE] [DEVICE_MAKE_ENCODED] dvmake Example: Samsung

Device Model: Model number of the device


Device Type: Type of device (if applicable)

[DEVICE_TYPE] [DEVICE_TYPE_ENCODED] dvtype Example: phone/tablet

Language: User's language setting


Device Screen Width: Width of device's screen (absolute, in pixels)

[SCREEN_WIDTH] sw Example: 360

Device Screen Height: Height of device's screen (absolute, in pixels)

[SCREEN_HEIGHT] sh Example: 640

Device Screen Density: Pixel density of device's screen

[SCREEN_DENSITY] spr Example: 3

Connection Type: Connection type (one of WIFI, 2G, 3G, 4G)

[NETWORK_TYPE] network Example: WIFI

Carrier Code: Code of the device's SIM's operator

[CARRIER_CODE] carriercode Example: 412 20

Carrier Name: Name of the device's SIM's operator

[CARRIER_NAME] [CARRIER_NAME_ENCODED] carrier Example: Bell Networks

Carrier Country: Country code of the device's SIM's operator


COPPA Compliance: Flag indicating if the app is COPPA compliant

[COPPA_COMPLIANT] coppa Example: 1

User Age: The user's age (in years)

[USER_AGE] age Example: 24

User Gender: The user's gender (male or female)

[USER_GENDER] gender Example: female

User Year of Birth: The user's year of birth

[USER_YEAR_OF_BIRTH] yob Example: 1993

GDPR Applies: Whether GDPR applies to the user. 1 for yes, 0 for no. Empty if unknown.

[GDPR] gdpr_applies Example: 1

GDPR Consent String: A TCF compliant GDPR consent string.

[CONSENT] gdpr_consent_string Example: BOeLqXmOeLqXmAtABBENCL-AAAAmB7_______9______5uz_Ov_v_f__33e8__9v_l_7_-__u-33d4-_1vf99yfm1-7ftr3tp_87ues2_Xur__59__3z3_9phPrsks9Kg

US Privacy (CCPA): String indicating the user's privacy selection under CCPA.

[US_PRIVACY] us_privacy Example: 1YNN

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