Unique delivery

If you are using a single ad tag multiple times on the same page you can use the Unique Delivery option to make sure that a campaign only shows up once. This helps if you want to avoid showing the same ad multiple times on a page.

If you do not have enough campaigns to fill each zone placement with a unique ad, remaining zones that cannot be filled will be left blank (these will not be counted as an impression).

How unique delivery works

Unique delivery is set on a zone by zone basis, and stops placements from showing up in multiple instances of the same zone. Each campaign assigned to a zone will only show once per page, and for all following auctions it will be excluded.

When a page is loaded, each instance of the same zone is assigned an id and AdButler will fill them one by one, using the placements schedules to decide which ads get served first. If you're using our Asynchronous JavaScript Tags, the order of responding zones may not necessarily match how they're laid down on the page. Usually, however, the first zone on the page will be the first to respond.

Unique Delivery will only select from assigned campaigns, not individual ad items. Even though a campaign may have more than one ad item, the page will only ever show one instance of each campaign.

Turning on unique delivery

  1. Navigate to the Zone you wish to add unique delivery to in your AdButler dashboard.
  2. Click the Edit Zone Properties button.
  3. Check the box beside Unique Delivery to turn it on or off.
  4. Click the Save button at the bottom to update the zone.

Unique delivery is set on a per zone basis, you don't need to update your tags to reflect the changes.
Unique delivery only works with AdButler's JavaScript based tags.

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