Unique delivery

There are times when you want to use the same zone multiple times in the same page. In such a set up, you can enable Unique Delivery to make sure that an ad shows up only once in the page.

How Unique Delivery works

Unique Delivery is toggled within a zone's properties. When it's enabled, each campaign assigned to a zone will be selected to serve only once per page. Because Unique Delivery limits campaigns and not ad items, we highly recommend that you have at least as many assigned campaigns as there are instances of the zone when enabling this feature.

For example, if you want to enable Unique Delivery on a zone that appears three times in one page, it's better to have at least three campaigns assigned to that zone. Otherwise, any instances of the zone that cannot be filled will be left blank (these will not be counted as an impression).

When a page with multiple instances of the same zone is loaded, AdButler assigns an ID to each instance. AdButler will then serve an ad to the instances one at a time, using the placement schedules to decide which ad gets served first.

Usually, the first instance of the zone will also be the first to be served. However, if you're using asynchronous JavaScript zone tags, the order that the instances will be served may not necessarily match how they're laid out on the page.

How to enable Unique Delivery

The following steps apply only to non-VAST zones. For VAST zones, read How to enable Unique Delivery in VAST zones.
You must use a JavaScript-based zone tag to enable Unique Delivery.
  1. Go to the section of the relevant zone (Your AdButler > Publishers > Your Publisher > Your Zone).
  2. Click Edit Zone Properties in the right menu. The Edit Zone window will appear.
  3. Click the switch under Unique Delivery to make it turn green.

Enabling Unique Delivery in AdButler

  1. Click Save Changes.

You don't need to generate new zone tags when toggling Unique Delivery.

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