Publisher properties

The publisher properties page lets you add information, choose payout settings, add users, and more.

How to access publisher properties

  1. Go to the relevant publisher (Your AdButler > Publishers > Your Publisher).

The Edit Publisher Properties button in AdButler

  1. Click on Edit Publisher Properties on the right menu. The publisher properties page will appear.

The publisher properties in AdButler

  1. Edit the publisher as needed. Read the next section for details on the fields and options.
  2. Click Save Publisher.

Publisher properties


The name of the publisher.


The domain name of the publisher. This is optional and has no effect on the ad serving setup.

If you choose to add a URL in the domain field, do not add the scheme, which is usually https://. Enter only the domain itself, e.g.

Seller Type

Indicates whether the publisher owns the ad inventory, if it's an intermediary, or both. This is optional and has no effect on the ad serving setup.


The metadata is a key-value pair that lets you identify and organize publishers, zones, advertisers, campaigns, and ad items. This is optional and has no effect on the ad serving setup.

Audience Database

Lets you select which User DB to use for Audience targeting.

Targeting is an optional add-on to your AdButler subscription. For more information on adding add-ons, read How to change your subscription. Further, UserDB and Audiences are disabled by default. If you already have the Targeting add-on, please open a ticket from your AdButler dashboard and submit a request if you want us to enable them in your account.

Default Payout

The Default Payout field lets you change the factors and the calculations used to determine the payment to the publisher.

There are four options:

  1. None - No default payout is set.
  2. Rates - Payout is determined by Cost Per Thousand (CPM), Cost Per Click (CPC), and the Cost Per Action (CPA) metrics tracked by the system. For example, a CPM rate of $5.00 means that for every 1000 ad requests, a value of $5.00 would be added to the revenue of the assignment.
  3. Total Revenue Share - payout is determined by the percentage that will apply to the advertiser rate(s) set in the assignment. For example, a revenue share (total) rate of 12% means that if the advertiser rate was $1000, the publisher payout would be $120.
  4. Revenue Share Breakdown - payout is determined by specific revenue share percentages for CPM, CPC, and CPA, similar to how specific rates could be set with Rates (Custom).

WordPress Key

Your unique WordPress key, required to use the AdButler WordPress plugin.

User login access

Ticking the User Login Access checkbox lets you add a user account for the publisher. The Publisher user can login via an email address and password and view the publisher's statistics.

You can also grant the user certain management permissions, such as the ability to approve or deny ads assigned to the publisher's zones, or add or delete ad items and zones. For more information, read User accounts.

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