How to enable Unique Delivery in VAST zones

Unique Delivery is an optional feature that limits each campaign or ad item assigned to a zone to be served only once per webpage. This is particularly useful when you want to have multiple instances of the same zone on the same page. For more information, read Unique Delivery.

In non-VAST zones, Unique Delivery can be automatically enabled on the AdButler interface if you're using JavaScript tags. But because VAST zone tags don't use JavaScript, you must manually modify the VAST zone's link by adding two parameters to enable Unique Delivery in that zone.

Unique Delivery is not compatible with programmatic header bidding because under that setup, AdButler has no way of knowing which ads will be served.

Unique Delivery Parameters

  • pageid - A random integer that represents one page load. It should be the same for every ad request from the same page load. You must provide the value of pageid yourself. You will then use that same pageid when requesting for multiple instances of the same zone.

  • place - An integer that represents a unique instance of the same zone on the page. The first instance of a zone should have a place value of 0, the second instance should have a value of 1, and so on.

These parameters tell AdButler to serve different ads to different instances of the same zone on a single page load.

Adding the Parameters

  1. Go to the section of the relevant publisher (Your AdButler > Publishers > Your Publisher).
  2. In the Zones table, click Get Tags on the far right column of the VAST zone. The Zone Tags window will appear.

The Get Tags button in AdButler

  1. Copy the zone tag.

The VAST Zone Tag window in AdButler

  1. For each instance of the zone that you want to appear on the same page, append &pageid=<value>&place=<value> at the end of the zone link. The value of pageid must remain the same for all instances, while the value of place must increase by one for each successive instance. For example:

The total number of ad items assigned to the VAST zone should be at least equal to the number of instances of the zone you wish to have on the page when enabling Unique Delivery. Otherwise, one or more instances of the zone will have no ad to display.

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