VAST tracking events

A VAST Tracking Event is a Callback URL that is called by the video player on specific events. Below is a list of VAST 2.0 Tracking Events that AdButler records for all VAST ads being served:

Event Description
Tag Requested Sent when the the VAST XML is loaded but before the Linear or Non Linear media files are loaded.
Video Loaded Sent when the Linear Media file is loaded by the player.
Video Clicked Sent when the user clicks on a Linear ad.
Video Start Sent when the Linear ad starts to display.
1st Quarter, Midpoint, 3rd Quarter, Complete Sent when the player reaches each 1/4 of the Linear ad's duration.
Video Mute, Video Unmute Sent when the user clicks the player controls to mute or unmute the video.
Video Pause, Video Resume, Video Rewind Sent when the user pauses, resumes or rewinds the Linear ad using the controls on the player.
Video Fullscreen, Exit Fullscreen Sent when the user maximizes or minimises the Linear ad using the controls on the player.
Companion Clicked 1-5 Sent when the user clicks on a displayed companion ad. The number correlates to the Statistics Slot property of the companion ad.
Non Linear Viewed Sent when a Non Linear ad is shown on the screen.
Non Linear Expand, Collapse Sent when the user expands the Non Linear ad or returns it to it's original size.

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