How to pass targeting parameters in VAST zone tags

You can customize VAST ad serving by combining them with AdButler's targeting options. After creating one or more targets, you can manually pass the specific targeting parameters to AdButler by adding them to the VAST zone tag.

In this guide, you will learn:

  1. How to add parameters to a VAST zone tag.
  2. About the parameters that you can add to a VAST zone tag.

Adding parameters to a VAST zone tag

  1. Go to the section of the relevant publisher (Your AdButler > Publishers > Your Publisher).
  2. In the Zones table, click Get Tags on the far right column of the VAST zone. The Zone Tags window will appear.

The Get Tags button in AdButler

  1. Copy the zone tag.

The VAST Zone Tag window in AdButler

  1. Add the parameters after the ?, using & to separate multiple parameters. For example:,athletes

Targeting parameters

Geographic ip The IP address that will be used for targeting. ip=
Platform ua The user’s User Agent string (URL encoded). ua=Roku4640X%2FDVP-7.70% 20(297.70E04154A)
Platform sw The user’s device’s screen width. sw=1920
Platform sh The user’s device’s screen height. sh=1080
Platform spr The user’s device’s screen pixel ratio. spr=3
Keyword keywords The keywords or keyword macros to be used. Read Keyword targeting to learn about the syntax. keywords=sports,athletes
Data Key _abdk[] The Data Key value (raw array) _abdk[age]=21&_abdk[gender]=male
Data Key _abdk_json The Data Key value (JSON & URI encoded) _abdk_json=%7B%22age%22%3A%2221%22%7D&_abdk_json=%7B%22gender%22%3A%22male%22%7D

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