How to add ad skipping to VAST 2.0 ads

Linear VAST 2.0 ads usually appear somewhere in the middle of an online video's duration, briefly interrupting the viewing experience. Depending on the length of your ad, you may want to give users the option to skip it.

  1. Go to the section of the relevant VAST campaign (Your AdButler > Advertisers > Your Advertiser > Your Campaign).
  2. Click on the name of the VAST ad item you wish to edit, or click Add New v2.0 to create a new VAST 2.0 ad item.
  3. Click the Linear Media tab.
  4. Under Ad Skipping, indicate when users will be shown a button to skip the VAST ad. You can enter a time in minutes and seconds or a percentage of the video's duration.

Enabling ad skip in VAST ads

  1. Click Save Ad Item.

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