How to set up header bidding zones

What is Header Bidding?

Header Bidding allows publishers to sell their inventory programmatically to multiple exchanges. As compared to a traditional waterfall and priority method, where publishers would offer inventory to one exchange before offering it to another, Header Bidding allows these exchanges to compete simultaneously.

Header Bidding relies on JavaScript to be placed into the Header of Publisher pages which will execute the real time auction.

Why Use AdButler for Header Bidding?

While it's true that Publishers can implement their own Header Bidding stack, using AdButler, the time to implement prebid and Header Bidding is cut down drastically. Not one can a publisher get up and running with Header Bidding in minutes, but they also get Real-Time Reporting, a single location to manage and prioritize bidders, and a single reporting engine you can view all of your bidder statistics such as wins, amounts, response times, and more!

Header Bidding Zones

Unlike traditional JavaScript tags within AdButler, our Header Bidding zones need to be set up a bit different. Using Header Bidding, a Publisher must place the Header Bidding Setup Tags into their page "Head", while the corresponding container is placed on the page where the ads will appear.

Step 1: Obtain the Publisher Header Bidding Setup Tags

From your AdButler dashboard, click on the proper "Publisher" and click the "Header Bidding Setup" button on the right side of the screen.

Step 2: Copy the Header Bidding Setup Script

From the Header Bidding Setup window, copy the entire script (you can use the "Copy to clipboard..." button)

This script will be placed into your page header.

Note that in this script, you will see a line that says "ZONE ENTRIES GO HERE"...This is where we'll be adding the entries from the specific zones in a further step.

Step 3: Place the Header Bidding Setup Script into your Page Head.

Copy the Header Bidding Setup Script and place it into your Page Header.

Remember, you'll be coming back here to add in the Zone Entries a little later.

Step 4: Get the Zone Entry and Tag

Next, you will want to go to the specific Publisher->Zone that you wish to show on your site. Instead of clicking the "Get Zone Tag" button, this time, you'll want to click the "Header Bidding Tags" button at the bottom.

From the Header Bidding Tags section, there are 2 key elements you'll be working with.

Zone Entry: This will be placed into that Header Bidding Setup Script outlined in "Step 2"
Ad Container: Place this DIV on your site where you want the ads to appear.

Step 5: Assign Bidders

From your AdButler dashboard, click the Bidders button.

If you do not see the "Bidders" option, please speak to your sales representative as this requires the "Programmatic" Add-On.

From the Bidders window, click "Add New" to Add a New Bidder.

Search for the prebid exchange that you wish to act as a bidder by typing in their name into the bidder code.

Note that AdButler utilizes prebid.js for it's Header Bidding implementation. You will need to have accounts with various exchanges that support prebid to have them act as bidders on your site.

Once you've set up the bidder, simply assign it to the any Zones that you've set up as Header Bidding zones in Step 1-4.

If you need further assistance, please contact our support team and we would be happy to help!

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