Managing PMP deals

What is a PMP deal?

A PMP deal takes the OpenRTB landscape and changes it ever-so-slightly by allowing privated programmatic deals. This allows a direct deal to occur through the programmatic landscape rather than through the direct traditional insertion order and manual sales process.

With AdButler, a publisher can create a PMP deal, generating a DealID that they can give to their demand partner, so that the demand partner may access specific zones (inventory) using this DealID.

After creating your PMP Deal in AdButler, you will choose which Publisher->Zones will be included in this deal, and AdButler will generate a "DealID" number for you. You can provide your Demand Partner with this DealID, and after assigning the demand partner to your zones via OpenRTB, they can bid against the specific DealID you've given them, providing an advertiser with a programmatic guaranteed deal.

How do I set up a PMP Deal?

Step 1: Navigate to the Programmatic section of AdButler and select "Manage PMP Deals" from the right of the screen.

Step 2: Click +Add New under PMP Deals

Step 3: Create a Deal Name, Bid Floor and the number of included seats.

Step 4: Click on the newly created Deal.

Step 5: Assign the Deal to your desired Zones

Step 6: Provide your Deal ID: to your Demand Partner

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