How to create PMP deals

What is a PMP deal?

A private marketplace (PMP) deal is a private auction that the publisher sets up only for select advertisers. This allows a direct deal to occur through the programmatic landscape. For more information, read our blog article about the types of programmatic advertising.

With AdButler, a publisher can easily create PMP deals, each with a corresponding Deal ID. These Deal IDs are the ones that publishers use to grant their demand partners access to their zones or inventory.

You must add the Programmatic Solution add-on to your subscription to access AdButler's programmatic bidding features. For information on adding add-ons, read How to change your subscription.

How to set up a PMP Deal

  1. Click Programmatic on the left navigation menu. The Programmatic section will appear.

How to access the Programmatic section in AdButler

  1. Click Add New under the PMP Deals table. The Create PMP Deal window will appear.
  2. Fill in the details as needed, then click Save. You will be taken back to the Programmatic section, and the deal you created will be in the PMP Deals table.
You can enable geographic targeting when creating a PMP deal. For more information on this feature, read Geographic/location targeting.

The table of PMP Deals in the Programmatic section

  1. Click on the PMP deal you created. Its settings page will appear.
  2. Click Assign to Zone. A list of your zones will appear.

  3. Click on the zones that you want to include in the deal, then click Assign to selected zones on the top right. You will be taken back to the PMP deal settings, and the zones you selected will be listed in the table at the bottom of the page.

  4. Send the Deal ID shown on the settings page to your demand partner.

The Deal ID in the PMP Deal settings

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