How to generate ads.txt entries for publishers

When you're using our Programmatic features you may need to add yourself to your publishers' ads.txt files. To generate this entry, there are two simple steps.

Seller Domain

First you must configure your Seller Domain. This is the domain that you will host your sellers.json on, and is your main contact domain. You can set this up by going into you AdButler settings, under the Features and Organization Preferences and filling it in under the "RTB Seller Domain" field.

Generate Entry

Then, all you have to do is navigate to the publisher that you want to generate the entry for. On the right-hand side of the page there will be a button labeled "Get ads.txt Entry". Click that and a little dialog box will appear:

ads.txt Dialog

You'll have to indicate whether the seller is a direct seller or a reseller of another's inventory. Once you've chosen the appropriate option, you can copy the entry and send it off!

For more information on ads.txt you can check out the specifications on the IAB website:

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