Creating a roadblock

Roadblocks allow you to exclusively serve ads from similar campaigns over all the zones on that web page.

Roadblocks can reduce clutter and increase user engagement on a website. By influencing AdButler's scoring system that serves the ads, roadblocks are able to bypass any. When the ad tied to a roadblock tag comes up in the queue, it will look for other ad items with that same roadblock tag in order to fill the other zones on the page. If there are no other ad items with the same roadblock tag, no other ads will be served. Home Page Takeovers are the most common use of roadblocks and are only possible by using a roadblock.

Step 1: Adding roadblock tags

Start by navigating to the campaign you want to include in your Roadblock. Choose Edit "Campaign Properties" and give it a custom "Roadblock tag". Using consistent names for your tags will allow you to differentiate between them easier. The tag is the identifier that AdButler will look for when searching to fill the other zones. All zones that are a part of the roadblock must have the same exact tag. Repeat this step on each of the campaigns you want to include in this Roadblock.

You can also set the "Roadblock tag" when you create a new campaign.

Step 2: Assign the campaign to a zone

Navigate to the zone of the publisher to which you want to assign the roadblock campaigns. Assign the campaigns and configure their priority. For more information on assignment configuring, read more about assignments ...

Once you click "Save", your roadblock ads should now be ready to serve. When your ad item with a roadblock tag comes up in the rotation, it will ensure that only ads with corresponding roadblock tags are served in the page's other zones. By giving one of your campaigns a higher priority, you can also ensure they are served all together, every time.

In order to have your roadblock ads deliver as intended, you may also need to enable Unique Delivery in Zone Properties. As well, make sure every zone on the page includes a campaign with that same roadblock tag so no zones are left empty.

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