Making a zone responsive

This guide will teach you how to change a zone's responsive settings. You will learn:

  1. What a responsive zone is.
  2. The differences between the responsive settings.
  3. How to make a zone responsive.
Only fixed size zones have responsive settings.

Responsive zone

A responsive zone is a fixed size zone that resizes to fit the webpage it's on. Although fixed size zones have set dimensions, changing a zone's responsive setting can allow ads to match the actual available size. Depending on how your web page is set up and what type of ad item you're serving, you may want to have a responsive zone.

If you're working with specific advertisers, always ask them how they want to deal with responsiveness. Often times, they'll have multiple sizes of their ad item, so you may not need to allot a responsive zone for it.

Responsive zone settings

Standard fixed dimension delivery AdButler will always deliver the zone at its set size. This may sometimes result in the ad spilling over the page to avoid being cut off.
Automatic dimension resizing The zone will resize to either the size of the container it's in or the set size for the zone, whichever is smaller. This is our recommended setting, however the container for the zone must also be responsive for this to work properly.
No dimensions, inherit from CSS on page AdButler will deliver the zone without any dimensions, allowing the CSS on the page to resize it.

Making a zone responsive

The Edit Zone Properties button

  1. Go to the section of the zone that you want to edit. ( Publishers > Your Publisher > Your Zone)
  2. Click Edit Zone Properties on the right menu. The Edit Zone window will appear.
  3. Select a setting from the Responsive drop-down menu.

The Responsive zone options in the Edit Zone window

  1. Click Save.
HTML5/Rich media ad Items are incompatible with the responsive settings, and custom HTML ad items will resize only if they're delivered via our JavaScript zone tags instead of Asynchronous JavaScript zone tags.

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