How to assign a campaign to a zone or a channel

A campaign must be assigned to a zone or a channel (i.e. a group of zones) so you can serve the ad items in that campaign. It must have at least one ad item so that it can be assigned.

You can assign a campaign only to a zone of the corresponding type. Image and HTML/Rich media ad items need to be in a standard campaign and must be assigned to a standard ad zone. Email ad items need to be in a standard campaign and must be assigned to an email ad zone. Finally, VAST ad items need to be created in a VAST campaign and assigned to a VAST ad zone.

Similarly, remember that a channel is a group of zones. While AdButler will let you assign a campaign to any channel, the campaign will be selected to serve only if the channel to which it was assigned has a zone that is compatible with the campaign.

Assigning a campaign to a zone or channel

  1. Go to the section of the campaign that you want to assign ( Your AdButler > Advertisers > Your Advertiser > Your Campaign ).
  2. Click on Assign to Zone below the Zone Assignments" table or "Assign to Channel" below the Channels table. A list of eligible zones or channels will appear.
If no channels have been created yet, then the Channels table will not appear in the campaign section.

The assign buttons in a campaign's section

  1. Click on your desired zone or channel. When choosing the latter, choose the channel then click Select. The Assignment page will appear.
  2. Set up your assignment details. For more information, read Serve method options, Pacing & Schedule, Financial settings, Frequency Capping, and Targeting.
  3. Click Save.

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