How to manage contracts

This feature requires at least the Standard version of the Contract Management add-on. Check our Pricing page for more information about our subscription editions and add-ons.

The Contracts section

The Contracts section in AdButler

The Contracts section lets you add contracts, assign advertisers, input payments and status, as well as keep track of a contract's progress.

Once you've created a contract, click See More on the far right of an entry in the Contracts tables to open that contract's details page.

A contract's details page in AdButler

The contract details page lets you view and edit your contract details, assign campaigns, record payments, and more.

In this guide, you will learn:

  1. How to edit contracts.
  2. About revising, deleting, and other actions you can do with a contract.
  3. How to request signatures for a contract.
  4. How to keep track of payments for a contract.
  5. How to view notifications and updates related to a contract.
  6. How to quickly view and manage ad items that are related to a contract.

Editing contract details

If you did not use a contract template to create the contract, you can edit the contract's name, relevant dates, and status by clicking on their respective fields.

If you created a contract using a contract template, you'll be able to edit only its status.

How to edit a contract's name in AdButler

How to save an edited contract name in AdButler

How to edit a contract's status in AdButler

Choosing a new contract status in AdButler

How to save an edited contract status in AdButler

Make sure to click Save after editing any of these fields. If you click outside of their edit boxes without clicking Save, your changes will not be saved.

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Additional actions in the contract details page

On the top right corner of a contract's details page are buttons to download the contract and request for signatures from your partners.

The ... button beside the Download Contract button has options to revise the contract details, share the contract via email, assign one or more campaigns to the contract, archive the contract, or delete the contract.

The additional actions in a contract's details page

Click on Upload New Revision to rename the contract or change the contract's rate, start and end dates, and description. If you created the contract using a contract template, you can also select a different template in the Upload New Revision window.

Revising an existing contract in AdButler

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Recording contract payments

The payments module lets you keep track of advertiser payments. Click on the Rate field to enter the value of the contract. Click on Add Payment in the Payments module to document a payment. Click on Transaction History to view past payments.

How to document and view payments in the contract details page

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The Activity Stream

Click on the line graph button on the upper right below the Request Signatures button to open the Activity Stream.

The Activity Stream button

The Activity Stream is a log of actions that have been done for the contract.

The Activity Stream

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You can assign a campaign to a contract to get an overview of your ads' performance right in the contract's details page.

To assign a campaign to a contract, click on ... on the top right corner beside the Download Contract button then click Assign Campaigns.

How to assign campaigns to a contract

Once you've assigned one or more campaigns to a contract, the Related Ad Items table in that contract's details page will show the impressions, clicks, and status of the ad items in the assigned campaigns. This is a convenient way to look at your ads' performance without creating a full fledged report.

Click on See More on the far right of an ad item entry to go to the section of the campaign to which that ad item is assigned.

The ad items related to a contract

You can also activate or pause campaigns right from the Related Ad Items table. For example, you can create a campaign in advance and then pause it (i.e. set its status to Inactive) while waiting for your contract to be signed. Then you create the contract relevant to the campaign and assign the campaign to the contract. Finally, you can activate the campaign from the contract details page by clicking on the Inactive button under the campaign's Status column.

How to activate a paused campaign in the contract details page

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