How to duplicate a campaign

Duplicating a campaign is an easy way to copy all or part of the main components of a compaign: the ad items, the zone assignments, and the channel assignments. Duplicating one or more of these components lets you quickly prepare ad setups for different periods or test different combinations of ad items or assignment details.

  1. Go to the section of the relevant advertiser (Your AdButler > Advertisers > Your Advertiser).
  2. In the Campaigns table, tick the checkbox beside the campaign that you want to duplicate.

Selecting a campaign to duplicate in AdButler

  1. Click Duplicate at the bottom of the table. The Duplicate Campaign window will appear.
  2. Select the advertiser to which the duplicate campaign will be assigned. To assign the duplicate campaign to the same advertiser, click Use Current Advertiser.
  3. Select the campaign components to duplicate.

Selecting the campaign components to duplicate

  1. Click Duplicate. The duplicate campaign will be created under the same advertiser as the original.
The name of the duplicate campaign will be the name of the original campaign prepended by "_COPY_". You can edit a campaign's name by clicking on the campaign then clicking Edit Properties at the top of its section.

Renaming a duplicate campaign in AdButler

The duplicate campaign will not inherit the roadblock tag or metadata key pairs of the original campaign. It will also be paused i.e. inactive when it is created.

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