Advertiser overview

In AdButler, an advertiser is any source of advertisements. This could be a person, a company, or an ad exchange (eg. AdSense, OpenX, etc.).

For most advertisers, the best way to serve ads is by grouping ad items into campaigns. You can then assign a campaign to publisher zones through a zone assignment. A campaign can be used to serve one or more image-based ads of the same size, or to import third party ad tags when serving ads from an ad exchange.

Aside from assigning a campaign directly to a publisher's zone, you can also assign a campaign to a group of publisher zones which we call a channel. Channels are handy organizational tools for those creating an ad network.

When to create an advertiser

Any time you have a unique source of ads, you should create an advertiser. This allows you to assign their ads across multiple publishers and collect all their statistics in one place.

You may also want to create multiple advertisers even if they all come from a single source if that source serves different ad types. For example, if you have an advertiser who mostly runs image-based ads, but then occasionally runs VAST video ads, you may want to create a separate advertiser to manage each ad type and to simplify your reporting.

Creating an advertiser

The main Advertisers section in AdButler

  1. Click on Advertisers on the left navigation menu.
  2. Click Add Advertiser.
  3. Name the advertiser.
  4. Create a user account for the advertiser. (optional)
  5. Click Save this Advertiser.
User accounts can still be set up or changed even after an advertiser has already been created.
The Unverified status applies only to advertisers who join through a Self-Serve portal.

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