Self-Serve: Adding and Managing Advertisers

To view all the advertisers who currently have access to a specific Publisher Portal, click on the "Advertisers" tab next to "Zone Inventory". This will display all of the active and pending advertiser names, when they signed up, active orders, any credits they may have, and the total amount spent.

The Advertisers tab in a Self-Serve portal setup page

Adding New Advertisers

To manually add new users to a portal, you can invite new users via e-mail or choose from existing advertisers that have already been created in your AdButler account.

If you're portal is set to "Public" access, you can alternatively copy the address to your portal and send it via e-mail or chat and your advertisers will be able to create an account.

Inviting New Advertisers via Email

• Navigate to your "Advertisers" tab in your portal and click on "+ Invite via e-mail"

• Enter one or more email addresses

• Click "Send Invites" which will send these advertisers an e-mail that includes a link to your portal.

• Users who follow this invite link can then proceed to create and set up their portal account details and place orders.

Advertisers you've invited will be shown as "Invite Pending" until they've logged in and finished setting up their account.

Add From Your Existing Advertisers List

• Navigate to your "Advertisers" tab in your portal and click on "+ Add Advertisers"

• Use the link at the bottom left to "Choose from advertiser list"

• Select the checkbox next to the advertisers that you would like to add (if they do not have an e-mail entered, click on "+ Enter an e-mail")

• Click the "Invite selected Advertisers" button at the top right of the screen, an email will be sent to the advertisers you added.

• Advertisers can follow this invite link and proceed to create and set up their portal account and place orders.

A pending advertiser account in a Self-Serve portal

Removing advertisers

To remove an advertiser, you can click on "Remove" next to their name in the Portal Advertisers list.

This will remove this advertiser's access to the portal, but all of their active orders or campaign items will remain active until their schedule has ended or the order target has been met.

Unverified Advertisers

If your portal is set to "Public" access, anyone who follows a link to the portal page is able to create an account and place an order. These advertisers will show up in your AdButler interface with a small badge next to their name that says "unverified" and will not show up in the list of advertisers shown in the drawer menu of the main toolbar.

If you would like to verify these advertisers, click the "Verify this Advertiser" button by viewing their advertiser page or viewing one of their orders.

Verifying an advertiser in a Self-Serve portal setup page

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