Self-Serve: How advertisers place orders

For an order-based portal, your advertisers can create a new order by clicking the "+ New Order" button at the top of the page or from their orders page.

1. Choosing a date range

Advertisers must first select a date range they want their ads to run for by using the dropdown menu and choosing a start and end date.

2. Adding inventory to your cart

After selecting a start and end date, the advertiser can then add the inventory they want by selecting how many impressions from the dropdown (alternatively they can enter a more precise amount using "Custom Qty") and then clicking on "+Add" to the right of the inventory item.

The advertiser can add the same zone more than once if they have multiple ads they want to serve. They can also adjust the time ranges to add the same inventory but using multiple start and end dates. All the items they've added will show up

3. Setting up ad details

Once the advertiser has added inventory, they can move on to the next step by clicking the "Setup your ads" button below their cart items.

The following screen shows them all the items they've added to their cart, with a button that says "+ Set up this ad" to the right. Clicking on this button will display a popup allowing the user to enter their ad details.

If the zone can display multiple types of ads, this popup will let the advertiser choose what type of ad they'd like to serve, an upload function for images and html zip files, and additional ad data like Alt text and Destination URLs.

Once all the ads in the order have been set up. The user can move on to pay.

4. Paying for an order

The final step displays their order summary on the right and a checkout order form for payment details. Advertisers must enter all fields, and operates the same as any typical checkout process.

Once payment details are entered, the advertiser can click "Place your order" to submit for approval.

Order Payment Process

When an advertiser places an order, Stripe will immediately process the payment and hold the funds until the order has been approved. AdButler will send out a new order notification e-mail to the support e-mail that was entered into your portal settings.

Learn more about the order approval process...

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