Self-Serve: Getting Started

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AdButler Self-Serve allows advertisers to buy advertising directly from your website. Publishers can take advantage of highly-profitable direct ad sales while also giving advertisers more control and transparency over the ad buying process.

How It Works

A Self-Serve portal is an online purchasing system that displays available inventory for one or more publishers.

Advertisers who have been given access can create an account, choose where they want to advertise, upload their ads and pay for their orders via credit card.

New orders are reviewed, approved, and serve according to their quota, targets, and schedule. No tedious back and forth; advertisers know exactly what they're purchasing and can monitor how their ads are performing at all times.

To make the experience even smoother for both yourself and advertisers, there are help articles integrated into the portal itself. These articles teach advertisers about the basics of the Self-Serve portal, how to create campaigns and reports, and the settings that they can adjust. These articles are also here in the AdButler help site, under the title Self-Serve: Advertiser.

Types of Self-Serve Portals

Order-based Portal

Advertisers may view your zone inventory and choose the number of impressions they would like to purchase. For each zone they've added to their cart, they upload their ads and pay via credit card.

After you receive a notification, review and approve the Advertiser's order it will go live and start serving following in accordance with it's schedule and quota.

An order-based portal is best suited for selling a predictable amount of guaranteed impressions to individual zones. If an order is unable to serve its quota, the value of the unfilled impressions is refunded and applied as a credit for future orders.

Learn how to set up an Order-based Portal...

Auction-based Portal

Advertisers are invited to participate in an Auction. They set up their ad campaigns by uploading ads and specifying a campaign goal (impression/click quota or schedule) and a CPM or CPC price.

The advertiser then funds their account and waits for their ads to be approved.

When a request is received AdButler selects the highest effective CPM placement that is eligible to serve.

Funds are deducted from the selected advertiser's wallet until the campaign has met its quota, completed its schedule, or their wallet runs out of funds.

An auction-based portal is suitable for selling inventory across several similar-sized zones with less risk of overselling specific inventory. Money is only deducted from the advertiser's account when an ad is served.

You can also upgrade your account to allow you to create portals that lets advertisers place orders through Google Ad Manager. Contact our support team to upgrade your account.

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