Viewing / Hosting Your Portal

All portals are hosted at the address that was entered in your portal settings. Whatever you entered into the address field will replace [portalname] in the address:


You can link to this address directly from your website, or supply a link to advertisers by inviting them via e-mail. Custom domain options are coming soon.

To access your Portal at any time, click on the "Portal Link" button from the right panel when viewing your marketplace to open the advertiser portal view in a new window.

Public Access Portal

Anyone with the link to this portal will be able to view your inventory, create an account and place an order at any time without restrictions. Once orders are placed, the standard review and approval process applies.

Invite-only Portal

Users will need to be invited via email before they can view your inventory and place orders. Once orders are placed, the standard review and approval process applies.

Best Practice for Hosting a Public Portal

The AdButler Self-Serve portal gives you the functional element of your ad selling platform but we suggest that you post the link on a page that has a detailed media kit or general advertising information before advertisers reach the purchasing portal. This gives you a chance to provide information about your audience, type of ad content, etc. and explain how the portal works before users start building orders.

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