Self-Serve: Creating a new Publisher Portal

Before you begin setting up a Self-Serve Portal, your account must have an active Publisher with Zones that you're planning to sell inventory for. If you haven't created a publisher and placed your zone tags, please learn more about setting up a new publisher.

1. Navigate to the Self-Serve screen

Click on the "Self-Serve" tab in the main navigation to see a list of active portals. This will be empty if you have no portals created.

2. Create a new Portal

Click on the "New Publisher Portal" button to view a list of eligible Publishers and the estimated amount of traffic each zone has available to sell.

Estimates will display as "No estimate available" until AdButler has generated enough traffic info from the zone tag. We suggest that you place your zone tags on your site or app for at least 30 days before setting up your portal so that you are working with an accurate estimate.

From the list, choose the publisher that you want to create a portal for and you can begin adding settings that define how users can access the portal.

Order-Based Portal Settings

Publisher Logo

This is an optional setting, it will display the logo for your publisher in the top left navigation bar when your advertisers are logged in. If you leave it blank, only the name will be shown.

Portal Name

This is the name of your portal that is displayed to advertisers when they are logged in. By default, a new portal will autofill the name with the publisher's name. You can edit this if you want to display something different to your advertisers.

Portal Access

All portals have a domain name for advertisers to access, which is "[portalname]". You can enter whatever prefix you want for [portalname], as long as it hasn't already been used by another AdButler account.

You can also choose whether your portal is accessible to the public or invite-only. "Public" portals allow anyone with the portal address to access and create an account to place an order. "Invite-only" portals require you to manually invite a user via e-mail before they can view your inventory and place orders.

Support E-mail

A valid e-mail address that will be displayed to your advertisers for all support related inquiries. This email will also be used to receive all new order submissions and activity notifications related to orders.

Please note that you are responsible for providing support to your advertisers. AdButler will be able to help troubleshoot serving-related issues, but we do not correspond with your advertisers and are not responsible for any issues caused by overselling inventory or underperforming orders.


This will affect the start and end times for all your orders. By default this will be set to the same timezone selected in your AdButler Account Settings menu.

Order Settings

Order Approval

Set the timespan (between 1-5 days) that each new order has to be reviewed before it will be automatically approved or rejected.

Quantity Settings

Set the minimum and maximum dollar amount allowed for each order. These are optional settings, but be aware that Stripe cannot process any order less than $3.

Portal settings can be edited at any time if you need to come back and adjust them.

Once these settings are complete, you can move on to setting up your inventory.

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