Self-Serve: Reviewing New Orders

All new orders are shown on the main Self-Serve page and specific portal pages. When a new order is placed, you will also receive a notification e-mail with a link to the order for quick access. All new orders are clearly marked with a button labeled "Needs Review".

A new order in a Self-Serve portal

Click an order to view the campaign details. You can see the schedule for each ad item, preview the ad creative, and review the details of the order.

Approving or Rejecting an Order

The details of a new advertiser order in Self-Serve

To approve an order, simply click the "Approve Order" button on the right side of the screen. This will finalize the payment made. AdButler will then automatically generate all the required ad campaign items and email the advertiser notifying them that their order has been approved.

To reject an order, click the "Reject Order" button which will let you enter a reason for rejecting the order. This message will be sent to the current e-mail associated with this advertisers account and the funds for this order will be returned to the customer's credit card.

Order Approval Process

When an advertiser places an order, Stripe will immediately process the payment and hold the funds until the order has been approved. You will receive a notification e-mail when a new order is placed.

By default, a portal is set to hold an order for five days to review and approve or reject new orders, after which AdButler will automatically reject or approve the order. You can set whether to approve or reject an order as well as adjust the approval window between 1-5 days in your Portal Settings.

Monitoring Active Orders

You can see a snapshot of all your active orders for each portal from the "Orders" tab. If you click on an order, you can see all the details pertaining to the order as a breakdown of all the individual order items and their progress.

Order view

Clicking on an active order will show you a breakdown of all the associated ad items, and a chart displaying impression and click statistics.

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