About campaigns

Campaigns are a great way to manage multiple ad items, although it's possible to create a campaign that has only a single ad item. When you assign a campaign to a zone, you assign all the ad items under it. The ad items will have the same assignment details, but each ad item can be assigned a specific weight to allow you to prioritize one over another.

If a campaign contains ad items of varying sizes, only ad items compatible with the requesting zone will be considered for serving.

There are two types of campaigns. A Standard Campaign is for most ad items types, including images, HTML/Rich media, and email ads. A VAST Campaign is for VAST ad items.

Creating a campaign

  1. Go to the section of the relevant advertiser (Your AdButler > Advertisers > Your Advertiser).
  2. Click Add New above the table of campaigns. The Create Campaign window will appear.
  3. Choose whether to create a Standard or a VAST campaign.
  4. Name the campaign.

  1. Add a roadblock tag. (optional)
  2. Click Create Campaign.

Tips for using campaigns

  • Create a campaign for each unique ad campaign you are running.
  • Do not reuse previous campaigns and zone assignments.
  • Come up with a descriptive naming convention for your campaigns. This will make it easy to identify them throughout the AdButler interface.
  • Remember that each ad item within a campaign can have a unique weight and can be paused individually.

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