What is AdButler?

AdButler is a self-managed ad serving platform that helps you quickly and easily manage online ad campaigns. Whether you're solely an advertiser or a publisher, or someone who manages ad networks, AdButler makes it easy to maximize ads and ad spaces.

You can set up any number of advertisers or publishers and track the performance of your online advertising stream.

AdButler also allows you to:

  • Serve and track your direct-sale and third-party ad sources from one place
  • Automate campaign scheduling
  • Create sub-user accounts for advertisers and publishers with limited access to sections and features
  • Export full statistics and reporting breakdowns
  • Have full API access for custom ad strategies
  • Implement white label branding, including custom logos, colors, and domains for both the ad serving itself as well as the admin dashboard

Our ad serving technology includes:

If you're still wondering if you need an ad server, read our blog article to learn more .

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