Serving ads in an e-mail newsletter

This guide provides a step-by-step tutorial on serving email ads through AdButler.

Step 1: Create a new e-mail zone

In your publisher, create a new email ad zone, and give it a unique name.

Step 2: Add an Ad Item

Click on the e-mail standard zone you just created and click on "Add New" in the "E-mail Ad Items" table. You will only be able to select an image ad item to add to e-mail zones as almost every e-mail client will block any other type of ad.

Create your ad item as you normally would and click "Save". Read more about creating an ad item here...

You can also create an advertiser campaign and assign them to your e-mail zones but be sure your campaigns only include image ad items.
Do not apply targeting settings to your e-mail assignments as they will cause problems when your ads are served.

Step 3: Configuring your email zone tag

Navigate back to your Email Standard Zone, and click "Get Zone Tags". A dialogue box will appear. In order for your ad items to rotate and track clicks properly, your Email Standard zone tag requires the implementation of an Email User ID macro (EUID). This macro must be provided by your newsletter service and must distribute with a unique ID for each recipient.

A unique EUID is required for accurate serving. Ad items will not rotate properly or track clicks if it is omitted.

Click here for a list of known newsletter macros...

Once you have inserted your EUID, select and copy your Email Standard Zone Tag. Be sure to click "Save" to commit your changes to the EUID parameter.

Step 4: Place Zone Tags

You will need to create a custom e-mail template to add your Zone Tag. Every e-mail service is different but look for a setting that allows you to place a "code" element in your template.

See below for an example of how to place your zone tag using Mailchimp.

In the HTML field, paste your Zone Tag code inside this section or wherever you want your ad to appear inside the main content area of the message. After you've placed your code, save your email newsletter template.

When you send out your email newsletter using this template to your subscribers, any ads assigned to that zone tag will appear within the email.

Example of a completed script in a Mailchimp e-mail

Select the "code" button in the email template creator:

Paste the ad zone tag inside the <div class="mcnTextContent"></div> tags:

Email ad impressions are recorded when the ad is loaded, however no additional impressions are tracked once the image is cached (which is commonly how an email application displays ads). Clicks are recorded every time someone clicks the ad regardless of whether the ad image is cached.

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