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The standard AdButler subscription already lets you create a wide variety of advertising and publishing setups. But we also offer optional features as add-ons that can significantly enhance your options or provide you with more data.

White-labeled domain
Programmatic Solution
Geographic Targeting
API Access
Enhanced Analytics

You can add any combination of these add-ons to your subscription on a month-to-month basis. To find out how to avail our add-ons, read How to change your subscription.

White-labeled Domain

This add-on lets you use custom domains both to serve ads and access the AdButler administrator panel. For more information, read How to set up a custom domain.

The custom domain window in AdButler

Programmatic Solution

This add-on lets you participate in programmatic bidding using AdButler, whether you're a bidder or have inventory to sell. For more information, read How to use AdButler to bid on OpenRTB impressions, How to set up header bidding zones, How to set up programmatic demand (OpenRTB), and How to create PMP deals.

How to add a new bidder

How to add an endpoint in AdButler

Geographic Targeting

This add-on lets you create location-based targeting filters. You can then apply these filters to campaigns so that they will be served only to viewers in your chosen locations (based on the IP address of the viewer's computer or device). You can also do the opposite and exclude viewers in certain locations from being served. Depending on their region, you may be able to target viewers down to the city level.

For more information, read Geographic/location targeting.

Geographic/location targeting in AdButler

API Access

This add-on significantly increases the customization and programmatic options of advanced users. For more information, read our API Documentation.

Enhanced Analytics

This add-on provides you with more tracking and statistics tools:

  • Viewable impressions as a metric in zone sections, campaign sections, and custom reports
  • Advanced conversion tracking and the Conversion Details report
  • Custom click parameters and the Click-Through Details and Unique Click-Through Details reports
  • The Geo Country Breakdown report, which shows the approximate location of your viewers.

For more information, read Viewability, Advanced conversion tracking, How to use custom click parameters, and Publisher and advertiser statistics.

We are also working on advanced reports that show the number of blank impressions or unfilled ads per zone or publisher. This beta feature is also included in the Enhanced Analytics add-on.

The viewability metrics in AdButler statistics reports

Publisher and advertiser statistics

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