Tier resource limits

Unless you are on a trial account or subscribed to the Enterprise tier, there is a limit to the number of publishers, zones, advertisers and user accounts you can create. If you meet the limit for any of these resources, you will not be able to create more of that resource unless you delete or archive an existing resource of the same type, or change your subscription to a higher tier.

For example, the Essentials tier lets you make only one publisher. Attempting to create a second publisher as an Essentials subscriber will cause an error message to appear and you will not be able to proceed. To create a new publisher, you must delete or archive your existing publisher, or change your subscription to at least the Standard tier.

The publisher limit reached notification in AdButler

Viewing your current resource limits

  1. Click Settings on the left navigation menu. The Settings page will appear.

  2. Click Subscription Plans. The Account Subscription page will appear. Your resource limits are shown under your ad requests for the current billing period.

The resource limits in the Account Subscription page

Resource limits and changing subscription tiers

When making a request to change your subscription tier, check the resource limits of the tier to which you want to change. This is particularly important if you're going to upgrade from a trial account or if you plan on downgrading your current subscription.

On the Request Subscription Change page, click on Tier Resource Limits on the right menu to expand the list.

The Tier Resource Limits list on AdButler

A yellow exclamation mark icon next to the number of a resource means you have reached the limit of that resource on your desired tier. A red exclamation mark icon next to the number of the resource means you already exceeded the limit of that resource on your desired tier.

For example, in the screenshot above, the user wants to upgrade their trial account to the Essentials tier. The list is telling them that if they make the change, they will reach the publisher limit and exceed the advertiser limit.

You will still be able to request for a subscription change even if the number of one or more of your current resources already exceed the limits of your desired tier. However, we strongly recommend staying within the limits of your desired tier to help ensure that your request will be approved.

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