Advanced conversion tracking (server to server)

"Server to Server Conversion Tracking" is ideal in situations where you want more control over your conversions and how they're counted. By passing the Conversion Key (ck) value directly to the server, cookies are bypassed and more complicated transactions are possible. For instance, you might want to track how many ads a user clicked before converting, or if they navigated away from the website and came back.

You must add the Enhanced Analytics add-on to your subscription to enable this feature. For information on adding add-ons, read How to change your subscription.
Additional configuration is required on the server side to parse the ck key and reply to AdButler when the conversion takes place.

To create a server to server conversion, your first need to modify the destination URL of an ad item to include the [CONVERSION_KEY] macro:[CONVERSION_KEY]

Once the other server has successfully stored this key and the conversion has happened, the other server is required to do a request to our server with the following URL:"The same value that was replaced by [CONVERSION_KEY]"

Be sure to replace 000000 with your AdButler product ID. You can find this in the URL of your AdButler Dashboard beside "ID= ..."

When AdButler receives the final request, a conversion will be counted.

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