How to track statistics with Accupixel

AdButler's Accupixel makes impression stats more accurate without sacrificing load time. Accupixel is an advanced feature, and needs to be turned on by your account's admin.

What is Accupixel

Accupixel uses an impression tracking pixel that is loaded asynchronously with all your served ad items. AdButler checks if the pixel was loaded to make sure that the ad was delivered.

Impressions in AdButler are normally tracked whenever a zone tag requests for an ad. This can lead to situations where AdButler's statistics don't accurately match other services. For example, when the viewer leaves the page after the ad was requested but before it was delivered. Turning on Accupixel makes sure that, at the very least, an ad was requested and received.

With Accupixel turned on, AdButler will wait for the tracking pixel - not the zone tag - to load in the viewer's device before counting an impression. If the ad was requested but the user left the page before the ad could load, AdButler will instead record an ad request. Ad requests won't show up in your statistics, and are used only for billing purposes.

How to turn on Accupixel

Only the admin of your AdButler account can turn Accupixel on or off.
  1. Click on Settings at the bottom of the left navigation menu. The Settings page will appear.
  2. Click on Features & Organization Preferences.
  3. Click on the Enable Accupixel Tracking switch to make it turn green.

Enabling Accupixel tracking

  1. Click Update Settings.

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