General 16 mins Mar 31, 2021
Ad Servers vs DSPs, SSPs, DMPs & CDPs: Differences Clarified

What's the difference between an ad server, a DSP, an SSP, and all of the other technology in programmatic advertising? Read on to find out!

General 8 mins Mar 26, 2021
What is Header Bidding? How Header Bidding Improves on RTB

Header bidding is an advanced programmatic advertising technique. Learn all about how header bidding improves upon RTB in this guide.

General 9 mins Mar 25, 2021
What is RTB? How the RTB process works in advertising

RTB (real-time bidding) is a term that appears frequently in programmatic advertising. It has many uses, all of which can be learned here!

General 24 mins Mar 15, 2021
Ad Networks vs Ad Exchanges: The History of Programmatic Advertising

Ad networks and ad exchanges appear the same at a glance. Learn the difference with a deep dive into the history of programmatic advertising.

General 23 mins Mar 09, 2021
Types of Programmatic Advertising: Deals & Formats Explained

While many types of programmatic advertising exist, all of them function through the use of automation and algorithms in one way or another.

General 7 mins Feb 23, 2021
The End of Third-Party Cookies: A New Update You MUST Prepare For!

Third-party cookies have been a fundamental part of the internet for years. Learn how their removal impacts adtech and how to best prepare.

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