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General 5 mins Oct 23, 2023
Unraveling the Mystique of Made for Advertising Websites: Ad-Tech’s Frenemy

Understand why made-for-advertising sites are stirring up quite the unrest in the ad-tech ecosystem and find a balance between content, advertising and user experience.

General Oct 18, 2023
Towards a Greener Horizon: AdButler’s Commitment to Carbon Neutrality

Explore our Carbon Neutrality efforts and learn more about our actions in positively impacting the planet.

AdButler Software Updates Oct 01, 2023
A Spectacular Self-serve Spookery Update for October 👻👀

Delve into this month's platform update - focused on new self-serve features that will allow publishers to provide haunted media handouts to their advertising partners this fall season.

AdButler Software Updates Aug 04, 2023
Community Launch & Summer Updates 😎☀️

AdButler's community website is now live! Find your invite inside, along with new summer software updates!

General Jun 22, 2023
Ad Serving via Google Ad Manager: Benefits, Risks & Alternatives

Google Ad Manager is the most popular ad serving solution in the world - but is it the right one for you? Learn more about GAM's benefits, risks, and its alternatives in this article.

General May 19, 2023
Google Ad Manager vs Google Ads & AdSense - An Ecosystem FAQ

Google's naming convention is confusing. Learn about how to identify the tools in the Google advertising ecosystem and the differences between them in this comprehensive FAQ.

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