AdButler Q1 2024 updates

Q1 updates for the platform - 2024

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As the first blooms of spring start to unfurl, we're delighted to bring you the First Edition of our newsletter, brimming with fresh updates and innovative solutions. Spring into Action with AdButler!

AdButler's Q1 updates 2024

As we embrace the spirit of renewal, we're thrilled to share our latest developments, which aim to enhance and grow your ad tech experience.

System updates:

  • VAST: VAST Ad Item Weights
  • Data Keys: New “Created by” field for Data Keys page
  • Data Keys: Added a way to View the list of placements in use from a particular Data Key
  • Macros: Added 2 new Macros: Banner Width and Height
  • Ad Items: Added the ability to Preview Custom HTML Ad Items
  • Reporting: Domain Reports now supports Contextual Segments Data
  • Reporting: Added “Publisher ID” Column in Stats Reports
  • Reporting: New schedule search page to help view a snapshot of all ads running in a given time period.
  • Reporting: Added Ad Item Details to the Click Details API Report
  • Programmatic: OpenRTB Keywords were moved to to site.keywords
  • Programmatic: We’ve re Added our PreBid Adapter
  • API: Added an ad filter in the live website preview API endpoint
  • API: VAST4 Reporting API Endpoint structure improvements
  • API: Pass Placement ID into Ad Request
  • Product DB: Source Targets added
  • ProductDB: New Stats Page
  • ProductDB: Overall UI Improvements
  • Self Serve: New “Ad Count” Column per placement
  • Self Serve: Advertisers Report were improved to better show Active Campaigns
  • Self Serve: Added the Currency Prefix to Max Bid
  • Self Serve: Now the Advertiser Email can be updated from dashboard.
  • Self Serve: Integration with FluidPay
  • Self Serve: Single Sign On with OKTA
  • UI: Ad Items Horizontal Scroll Bar added
  • UI: Data keys Page UI Improved
  • UI: Publisher Page Overhaul

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Custom solutions

  • API: Advertiser name in the JSON response was added.
  • Self Serve: Daily Seller Email for low Campaign Performance
  • Self-Serve: Track prepaid customer clicks in Custom Click Details endpoint
  • Self-Serve: Custom Self Serve Dashboard UI and 3rd party Integrations

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Note: Custom solutions are available only for the customers who have requested for them. Contact us if you have any custom needs.

Bug fixes

  • Empty media group option and cancel not working for native to image ad item
  • Misaligned totals in statistics reports
  • Ads not displaying for Email Zones
  • Event logs not showing Contextual Management Info
  • Ad rotation isn't displaying as intended with data keys targeting enabled
  • Unable to re-save an ad item after correcting error message

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Help document updates

With these exciting updates and enhancements, we're dedicated to providing you with the tools and support you need to thrive in the dynamic world of digital advertising. Thank you for being part of the AdButler community, and we look forward to continuing this journey of innovation together.

Happy Spring, and Best Wishes for a Flourishing Year Ahead!

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