General May 19, 2023
Google Ad Manager vs Google Ads & AdSense - An Ecosystem FAQ

Google's naming convention is confusing. Learn about how to identify the tools in the Google advertising ecosystem and the differences between them in this comprehensive FAQ.

General Sep 21, 2022
The Top 6 Best Ad Management WordPress Plugins of 2022

There are tons of plugins available on the market for monetizing a WordPress website, but which one should you choose? Explore some of the best options for serving ads to your WordPress-hosted content in this curated list.

General Aug 30, 2022
Contextual Advertising: The Complete Guide & Companies List for 2022

Contextual advertising is one of the most beneficial cookieless ad serving techniques of the privacy-first era. Learn about all of the top companies that are developing new contextual advertising platforms and solutions.

General Jul 25, 2022
Contextual vs Behavioral vs Audience Targeting: A Full Comparison

Contextual and behavioral targeting are two popular methods of serving targeted ads which have been compared to one another ever since the...

General Jul 05, 2022
How Contextual Ad Targeting Works & its Benefits Explained [2022]

Contextual targeting is an advertising technique which aligns the content of a web page with the ads being served to it. Learn more about the benefits of this approach to ad targeting and how to pull it off by using a contextual management platform.

General 7 mins Jun 21, 2022
The Benefits of Self-Serve Advertising Platforms [for 2022 and Beyond]

Self-serve advertising is among the most popular forms of post-cookie advertising moving into 2021 and beyond. Find out why in this article.

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