General 8 mins Jun 07, 2021
What is Contextual Advertising? How it works and its benefits explained

Contextual advertising is method of targeting ad placements towards content that matches an ad topic. Learn all about it in this guide!

General 7 mins Jun 01, 2021
Publishers vs Advertisers: What's the difference?

Publishers and advertisers work together like PB & J. Find out everything you need to know about what each one adds to the ad tech sandwich!

General 13 mins May 25, 2021
What is an ad server? How ad serving works (in plain English)

An ad server decides which ads to display on a website. Learn how the full ad serving process works in this complete guide to ad servers.

General 13 mins May 05, 2021
What is AdTech? Basics of The Ad Tech Ecosystem Explained

Advertising technology (ad tech) is an umbrella term for the technology used to buy, sell & serve digital ads. Learn about ad tech here!

General 10 mins Apr 28, 2021
What is an ad tag? The role of ad tags in serving ads

An ad tag is a snippet of code which coordinates ad serving by synchronizing details about ad requirements between ad tech platforms.

General 13 mins Apr 23, 2021
What is a Demand-Side Platform (DSP)? How DSPs Work Explained

Demand-side platforms (DSP) are an important component of modern digital advertising. Find out all about how DSPs work with this guide.

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