General 2 mins May 12, 2017
Our Youtube Tutorials

Sometimes when learning something new, it just helps to see someone do it. That's why we've recently launched our AdButler tutorials channel.

General 6 mins May 12, 2017
Why We Don't Recommend Flash

Whether it’s lost impressions, security vulnerabilities, or poor performance, you have your choice of reasons for avoiding Flash.

General 5 mins May 12, 2017
How Do Banners Work?

Banners are the lifeblood of our industry. But internet banners aren’t just the images you see, they're the whole system.

General 5 mins May 12, 2017
Email Ads And The User ID Macro

Serving email ads is almost exactly the same as any other ad serving we do. We even have the same zone tag button.

General 3 mins May 12, 2017
What Our Prebid Adapter Means

Last week, we expanded by launching a Prebid.js header adapter. Today, I want to talk about when you might use our adapter.

General 5 mins May 12, 2017
Moving From DFP to AdButler

Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) is the vanilla ad server. Almost anyone who works in online advertising has worked with it...

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