General 5 mins May 12, 2017
Moving From DFP to AdButler

Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) is the vanilla ad server. Almost anyone who works in online advertising has worked with it...

General 6 mins May 12, 2017
Good Advertising: Making Ads Fast

There are rules out there for what makes ‘Good Advertising’. One of those is to keep things fast. Here's how.

General 7 mins May 12, 2017
Where Does CPM Come From?

Advertising is one of the oldest industries out there, but where do our terms come from? What does CPM mean?

General 4 mins May 12, 2017
AdButler Now Has AMP Tags

Following up on the heels of our Prebid.js announcement, AdButler now has AMP tags! Just throw your tags down and you're good to go.

General 5 mins May 12, 2017
Advertising is a relationship business

With the way online advertising has grown, between everything and anything, it sometimes feels like there’s too much to think about.

General 3 mins May 12, 2017
AdButler API Beta

Happy New Years everyone! Another short post today to start the year off. After months of hard work, we’re finally ready to start beta testing our API!

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