Prepare For Paranormal Traffic In This AdButler Update! 👻😱

It’s not uncommon for unexplainable events to take place around this time of year.

Of course, the world of AdTech is no exception!

AdButler has a critical update for email ads to help alleviate the freight of some spooky industry news - complete with atmospheric lighting for your reading convenience.

Halloween Pumpkin & Candle
(Have you heard the spine-chilling tale of the vanishing ad impressions?)

Recently, Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection Update has posed a hair-raising challenge to publishers that make use of email ads.

The latest change interferes with many common tracking metrics, such as open rate tracking and IP address identification.

It also changes the way that the Apple Mail client handles certain links, including ad tags.

Email audiences everywhere are at risk of going ghostly without the ability to receive and view ads served by publishers.

In response to this news, AdButler has updated our email Zone Tags to be compatible with users who open emails on iOS 15 devices and above.

In order to take advantage of these new changes, you’ll need to update your zone tag settings in your AdButler dashboard to use the latest tags in your configuration.

As always, we’ve also got a series of other changes to the platform you may be interested in reviewing - so let’s move on to the pumpkin patch notes!

New Features:

🎃 These entirely new features are freshly brewed and ready to serve:

  • Added the ability to duplicate VAST Channels
  • Added support for unique delivery to our SDKs
  • Added the ability to filter VAST-placements LIST endpoint by VAST Channel IDs
  • Added support for Multibyte Characters within the "inurl:" targeting option
  • Improved UI: Ad Rotation for Email Zones
  • Overhaul to the Self-Serve API to include channels, VAST, and full validation

Want to learn more about these features? Contact our support team.

Custom Solutions:

🎃 These custom solutions have helped others to lift their revenue, and may inspire you with new ideas for some otherworldly renovations of your own to the platform:

  • Inventory quantity limits added per zone
  • Programmatic VAST responses in standard zones
  • The ability to filter lists of publishers & advertisers
  • Added CSS for class and forced-height

Would these features or similar ones help you to lift your revenue? Contact us and let’s talk!

Bug Fixes:

🎃 Based on feedback and internal review, the team has vacated 47 creepy crawlies from the platform since our last update. The most notable bug fixes include:

  • Fixed the ability to detect the Mobile Facebook User Agent
  • Fixed long loading on demand endpoint pages
  • Fixed VAST functionality and serving ads from sandbox accounts on trial accounts
  • Fixed being unable to retrieve stats for VAST Campaign deleted from channel
  • Fixed the stats menu in UI sometimes showing duplicate entries
  • Fixed metadata capitalization and a metadata bug related to deleting ad items

Performance Updates:

🎃 We’re pleased to report that AdButler is operating better than ever and is ready to continue serving ads to any poltergeists that visit your web properties:

  • The number of server endpoints has been increased for the following region:
    • Asia Pacific: India

Help Resource Updates:

🎃 The help document archives have received a proper de-cobwebbing from more than a skeleton crew, including revisions to these ancient tomes:

Blog Updates:

🎃 The AdButler Blog has risen from the crypt with an all new design - give it a visit if you fancy reading up on the frightening tales of AdTech’s Frankenstein!

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That’s all for this month’s update!

Have a safe and strange Halloween season - we wish you an abundance of spooks and specters crawling through your websites to help reach abnormally high engagement! 👻

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