Ad Serving.  Simplified.
AdButler helps thousands of customers save time and maximize revenue with rock solid, easy to use ad serving at wholesale pricing.
  • Cloud-based - nothing to install
  • World's fastest ad code
  • Handles custom ads in all formats
  • Real-time reporting
  • Completely customizable interface
10,000+ amazing companies choose AdButler because...
It scales like crazy.
AdButler easily scales from a few
thousand impressions on a small website
to billions of impressions per month.
99.99% uptime.
Using fault tolerant clustered hosting
we deliver enterprise level
99.99% availability.
14 years and counting.
For over fourteen years we've served
companies large and small, and we're
still going strong.
“ Our biggest concern when starting our ad network, was having a partner that we could rely on. With AdButler, beyond the astounding personal support we receive, the software has been above our expectations. ”
Clint Doll, Ad Network, 1Motorsport
All the features of an enterprise service, without the high cost
Build, manage, and monitor multiple campaigns with a time saving easy interface.
Seamless Integration
AdButler plays well with others. We easily integrate with Doubleclick, Google, Atlas, OpenX and many others.
White Label Interface
Be professional. Brand AdButler with your own logo and colors for a completely customized look. Your publishers and advertisers will be impressed.
Rich Media Ad Support
Serve all creatives, including HTML5, video, flash, images, email, mobile and asynchronous ad calls. We don't discriminate.
Advanced Targeting
Easy to use targeting lets you control how ads are served. Target users by city, state, country, keyword and more.
Instant Reports
Stop waiting for reports to generate. AdButler gives you instant access to beautiful realtime reports.
Easy Scaling
AdButler stays with you as your website grows, from 100 impressions to 100 Billion.
WordPress Plugin
Use our drag-and-drop WordPress plugin to help you maximize earnings with less time.
Video Ad Serving
AdButler's simple to use VAST 2.0 compliant module will save you time and heartache.
Why choose AdButler? Because other ad serving solutions
are either too lean or waaaaay too perplexing...
With AdButler's intuitive workflow, your team will pick it up in hours, not weeks.

Discover 12 more great reasons to use AdButler
Helpful Support
The AdButler support team is here to help. Pick up the phone and call or open a ticket online.
Smooth Delivery
AdButler balances out your campaign delivery over time for an even distribution of impressions.
Road Blocks
AdButler supports roadblocks (also known as companion ads) of any size or type.
Geographic Targeting
Target ads by country, province or state, or even as specific as city.
Site/Zone Targeting
Target and serve ads to specific websites or zones.
Frequency Capping
Limit the number of times an ad will show to a specific user.
Keyword Targeting
Target ad campaigns by keywords including wildcard matches.
Start & End Times
Schedule your ads to start and stop in the future.
Amazing Uptime
AdButler is always up, online and serving your ads.
User Friendly
AdButler is incredibly easy to use, with simple and straightforward work flows.
Header Bidding
AdButler tags support prebid.js for easy deployment in you header bidding setup. Learn More
Fast & Accurate Reports
Easy report generation, and built-in accu-pixel technology to ensure accurate stats.
And a lot more! Give us a call or sign up for a trial to learn more.
Start using the fastest Ad Server in the world in less than 15 minutes...
Say goodbye to complaints about slow web sites. Say hello to the fastest ad code in the world clocking in at roughly 250ms worldwide (source: Pingdom). Combined with asynchronous ad tags it means your ads are going to be some of the first things users see when they visit a site, every single time.
Take 5 minutes and start your 30-day risk-free trial.
You can change plans at any time with no hassle.
Any questions?
Have any other questions?
Give us a call and one of our account managers will be happy to help.
What can AdButler do for me?
AdButler will make you more efficient, saving you time, while helping you maximize revenue, and simplify your advertising. AdButler will help you measure results and deliver successful campaigns. From organizing, targeting and serving your ads to tracking ROI, delivering unbiased statistics and much more.
Who should use AdButler?
AdButler helps publishers, advertisers, ad networks, bloggers and website owners increase revenues by targeting and managing advertisements across different networks and zones.
Does AdButler have text ad support?
Yes, you can create and rotate text ads in zones on your website as easily as you would with banner advertisements.
Does AdButler offer full rich media acceptance and support?
Yes! AdButler serves it all including HTML5, HTML/CSS/JS, Flash, Images, Email ads, Mobile ads, Video ads etc.
What advertising formats does AdButler support?
AdButler can serve all standard IAB images sizes, Flash, CSS, Interstitials, pop ups, complicated scripts, text ads, videos etc. If you can do it on the web we can serve it.
Can I give AdButler a try?
Yes! Try AdButler for 30 days and if AdButler doesn't fit your needs for any reason let us know and we will give you a prompt refund. No questions asked. You are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Double-Guarantee.
Why is AdButler so reasonably priced?
Two reasons. Firstly, we don't employ expensive sales people on commission. Secondly, volume. We deliver billions of advertisments per month. Much like or Costco we strive to offer simple wholesale pricing and tonnes of value.
Why is AdButler the fastest in the world?
AdButler's ad engine is developed by engineers from the ground up to be fast. Very fast. On top of that we use state of the art servers on the best and fastest networks making us over 30% faster than DoubleClick DFP.
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