A Spectacular Self-serve Spookery Update for October 👻👀

It’s that time of year again in many parts of the world - shades are shifting amongst the leaves, it’s darker a little earlier than usual outside… and is that a chill in the air?

(Grab a spot by the fire for this month's update!)

AdButler is happy to present an update loaded with new tricks for publishers using self-serve that are sure to be a hit treat amongst their advertising partners this autumn.

Of course, it’s always wise to be prepared for the unnatural around this time of year, and this month’s ghoulish grab-bag of new ad serving additions has several other surprises in store!

If you fancy a fall get-together, why not join one of AdButler’s new community groups to chat directly with our team and other publishers to share some new ideas, or just talk ad tech?

We’ve seen some great ideas and queries come through the community channels already, and there’s plenty of room to grab a spot around the campfire’s dim evening glow. 🔥

Speaking of campfires, have you heard any good ghost stories lately?

There’s a rumor floating around that publishers venturing into the foggy mists of ad tech without suitable self-serve offerings have heard the eerie echoes of coins clinking on the floor, as would-be brand partners pass them by like phantoms in the night…

Avoid lamenting lost revenue potential by preparing your own portal 🌀 (of the self-serve variety) to attract profitable poltergeists to your web properties this Halloween season! 🎃

Platform & Feature Updates

👻👁️ Take a fleeting glimpse at this month’s top new frightening features:

  • Self-serve:
    • New integration with GAM.
    • Geo-targeting support added for GAM integration.
    • VAST support added for GAM integration.
    • Max bid and daily budget campaign editing added.
    • 2FA support added for login process.
    • Option for advertisers to update email address added.
    • UI layout improvements to settings page implemented.
  • VAST:
    • Metadata support added to VAST ad items.
    • Added support for adding in multiple custom trackers for the same event type.
  • Settings:
    • New data key manager permission toggle added.
    • Added the ability for user accounts to manage API keys.
  • Email Ads: Multiple tracking pixels allowed for email ads.
  • Native Ads: Alphabetized the native template dropdown menu.
  • Macros: Referrer macro now available.
  • API: Last Modified field Added to the API response
  • Contract Management: Contracts deletion has been made available.
  • PHP8: Ongoing improvements and migration from PHP7.
  • Zip Code Targeting: Limit increased for the number of zip codes in a placement.
  • WordPress: Adbutler app updated for the latest version of WordPress.

Want to learn more about the latest features and updates? Contact our haunted hotline.

Custom Solutions

🍬🎒 Grab your fill of these candy-coated custom development ideas:

  • Custom Self-serve Portal Ideas:
    • Have a custom landing page designed.
    • Implement custom search options, like ElasticSearch.
    • Increase the maximum length of the ad item search field.
    • Improve ad serving performance for high volumes of ad items.
    • Allow advertisers to pay later.
    • Allow credit removal from advertisers using pay later.
  • General Ideas:
    • Add custom native ad templates and carousel.
    • Add custom attribute to VAST zone objects.
    • Default consent management to be active.
    • Add Publisher CPM to VAST event logs.

Craving even more of a custom crunch? Help yourself to some confections coupled with complimentary consultation from our support team.

Bug Fixes

🐛🦂 40 skittering critters have been evicted from the platform, with top bug fixes including:

  • Zone loading issue fixed.
  • Data keys targeting issue fixed.
  • Issue with being unable to delete native templates.
  • Fixed a bug with a fatal error in VAST4 stat reports.
  • Fixed being unable to delete VAST4.2 ad items.
  • Data keys rule saving issue fixed.
  • Bug related to assigning a campaign to a channel breaking it fixed.
  • Dashboard loading issues fixed.
  • Fixed highlighting zones linked to an ad item not working.

Help & How-To Resources:

🧙🏾📖 Consult the latest revisions to these handy arcane help documents:

That’s it for this month’s uncanny update! 🔮

We hope you’re able to set up a successful self-serve portal to provide haunted media handouts to your advertisers with this latest set of improvements to the platform - and hope you’ll join us in the new community chat channels!

If you haven’t already, consider checking out some of the benefits of self-serve to see why it’s become so popular lately.

From all of us here at the AdButler team, we wish you a cozy autumn, and be sure to be on the lookout for paranormal patrons visiting your web properties over the coming weeks! 🎃

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