A Sunshine-Filled Ad Serving Update for Summer 😎🏖️

Summer is finally starting to heat up in the northern hemisphere!

With the sunshine at its brightest, many are seeking ways to stay cool and refreshed.

If you’re lucky enough to already have some premium real-estate in a spot of shade, there are some refreshing new updates to the AdButler platform we thought you’d be interested in!

First, a crucial update worth its own mention has been made for users making use of email ad serving.

Recently, the Microsoft Outlook email service provider has been updated to block images that include direct references to ad serving platforms.

In response, AdButler has adjusted its email ad serving tags to use an updated hash that solves for the issue and allows ads to continue being served normally.

If you serve email ads regularly through AdButler, we highly recommend that you update your ad tags to make use of the latest fix. More information on how to update your ad tags is available in this help article.

We’ve also released a new ad format gallery on the website - check it out for some inspiration surrounding different ways to serve ads to your audiences!

In addition, AdButler’s partnership program is still accepting new participants as well:

With those items out of the way, it’s time to cloud-cover some of the latest updates on the platform to dodge the heat wave!

Feature Updates:

☀️ There are several new feature updates beaming on the platform:

  • Created 20 new ad format templates.
  • Added “parent column” to VAST stat reports.
  • Added a CSV download feature for the “platform stats” page.
  • Added a new “manage subscription” page in-app.
  • Self-Serve: Page and CSV downloads are now available for past transactions.
  • Context Management Platform: Added Google Ad Manager integration (in beta).
  • UI: Redesigned the Channel Zone assignment page.
  • UI: Improved the text alignment on all visual tables.

Want to learn more about these features? Contact our support team.

Custom Solutions:

☀️ Keep cool with these custom solution ideas recently implemented by others:

  • Adding a “Product Database” module.
  • Adding a calendar view for each of a publisher’s campaigns.
  • Adding RTB bid response fields required by LoopMe.
  • Adding more IAB category options for VAST RTB.
  • Adding click tracking for rich media in VAST.
  • Adding rich media ZIP support and duration/skip settings for non-linear VAST media.
  • Adding the ability to have programmatic display ads returned in VAST responses.
  • Adding SSO (single sign-on) for the self-serve portal feature.

Would these features or similar ones help you to lift your revenue? Contact us and let's talk!

Bug Fixes:

☀️ We’ve shooed away 40 outstanding bugs since last update, with the most notable bug fixes including:

  • Trial accounts can now view “Roles” in their menu.
  • Fixed properly adding zones to the “Channel Broke” list if the “Zone Name” is too long.
  • Multiple fixes to VAST - including an error with deleting VAST campaign items, linear and non-linear duration and skip time fixes, and a scheduled VAST statistic report fix.

New Content:

☀️ A freshly curated summer mix of new content is now available:

The Ultimate Starter Guide to Video Ad Serving & VAST [2022]

What is OTT (Over-The-Top) vs CTV (Connected TV) Advertising?

Help Resource Updates:

☀️ Refresh your platform knowledge with this set of new help document updates:

That’s all for this summer platform update!

Until the next time - keep cool, enjoy the summer, and we’ll have more to share with you over the coming months! 😎

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