New Updates for a New Year - Season's Greetings from AdButler! 🎄☕

Another year has come and gone in the flash of a programmatic auction.

Publishers and advertisers alike are busier than ever as we approach the end of 2021.

Whether or not your situation outside is frightful, it’s a delightful time of year to serve holiday themed promotions to visitors, and AdButler has some new updates to help you do just that!

(Cozy up with a hot cup of cheer for 2021’s final round of ad serving updates!)

The fireplace is glowing hot with a warming welcome, so why not hang up your coat and pop inside to glean some new surprises for yourself?

Feature Updates:

⛄ Serving holiday themed ads is easier than ever with these updated features:

  • Updated UI for Split Native HTML Ads and HTML/Script tables.
  • Added the ability to duplicate an existing Publisher with a single click.
  • Added the ability to handle EU credit via 3DS SCA within self-serve platforms.
  • Added the option to tax customers by country within self-serve platforms.

Want to learn more about these features? Contact our support team.

Custom Solutions:

⛄ These new ideas for custom solutions that others have commissioned may pique your interest this festive season:

  • Conversion tracking has been improved by cross-referencing ads clicked with SKU of the purchased item.
  • A “Read-Only” access option from AdButler’s API has been created.
  • Support has been added for new demand sources - including support for Xandr Image and Video through OpenRTB, and a new OpenRTB connector for ImproveDigital.
  • Added a demand platform estimator for categories like display and VAST traffic.
  • Updated Channel Zone Table to Vue.js.

Would these features or similar ones help you to lift your revenue? Contact us and let’s talk!

Bug Fixes:

⛄ The bright lights of celebration aren’t quite the same if they’re flickering - which is why among 19 others, these most notable bug fixes have been implemented:

  • Fixed being unable to choose an ad serving method when copying native ad items.
  • Fixed functionalities related to placement & campaign assignments in native ads.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause users to continue receiving invoices after changing their billing address.

Performance Update:

⛄ AdButler has infused some holiday magic into our latest performance upgrade:

  • The number of server endpoints for the following region has been increased:
    • Asia Pacific: India (6 new servers have been added)

Help Resource Updates:

⛄ There are good reads available on the shelf to take your mind off the cold, including these new help document updates for some of the platform’s most popular features:

Blog Updates:

⛄ There’s nothing worse than having your spirited ads squelched by a Scrooge with an ad blocker, but these latest new blogs may help you with navigating the holiday humbug:

Publisher Strategies to Monetize AdBlock Users

Programmatic Advertising vs Direct Media Buying Explained

That’s it for this month’s merry update!

AdButler’s servers are ready to stay frosty and jingle all the way with whatever ad serving tasks you may have for them during this busy time of year.

Keep warm, stay safe, and have a wonderful winter season - we look forward to seeing you in the New Year! 🍾

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