Community Launch & Summer Updates 😎☀️

With summer in full swing in the northern hemisphere, it’s often considered an ideal time to socialize while conditions are inviting and spirits are high.

At AdButler, we’ve always been fans of cutting red tape and keeping our relationships business casual to encourage meaningful conversations.

Today, we’re happy to invite you to join AdButler’s new community website & social channels to discuss the latest trends, tech, and industry news in advertising.

Members of the AdButler team ranging from our devs, support team, and our head of product Rob Janes (resident ad tech expert with decades worth of experience), will be actively available to answer questions and take part in community driven conversations.

Whether you’re an active or past AdButler user, considering options on the market, or just want to talk shop about ad tech, we hope to see you there!

As always, we’ve also got several exciting product updates to share with you as well.

Let’s shed some light on the latest additions! ☀️

Platform & Feature Updates

☀️ Brighten your day with these latest platform & feature updates:

  • We’ve updated our privacy policy to use clear, easy to understand language.
    • Sounds boring, right? But with the current state of digital privacy shifting, it’s more important than ever for you to have full transparency into how your ad serving platform is managing user data. You can read the updated privacy overview here, and read more about why your biz should be taking privacy seriously to avoid major fines in a section from our recent deep-dive into the risks of GAM.
  • 10 new Intel Xeon and AMD Epyc servers have been added to AdButler's core location in Washington D.C.
  • Self-Serve: Added the ability to edit template variable values for pending orders.
  • UserDB: Add attribute targeting and overhauled the UI.
  • Auctions: Added support for CPC bidding.
  • Native Zones: Added support for limiting clicks from the same IP.
  • Website Preview: Added a new advertiser selection option and website previews in campaigns.
  • Scheduling: Support has been added for scheduling on the ad item level.
  • Compliance: Updated our privacy policies and practices to be Saudi Arabia law compliant.
  • VAST4: Added a new “seconds” parameter.
  • Support: User accounts of all types can now create support tickets.
  • API: Keyword targeting support at the ad item level has been added.
  • Templates: HTML/Script templates have been removed.
  • Advertisers: The advertiser request flow has been removed.

  • UI Updates:
    • Overhaul to the “Campaign” page.
    • Improvements to the “Targets” page.
    • Improvements to the “Ad Item Pagination” page.
    • Improved file uploader.
    • Data key templates are now alphabetized, and feature a scrollbar.
    • Role lists are now alphabetized.
    • Ad item names have had their character limit raised to 500.

Need clarification on any of the above? Contact our support team.

Custom Solutions

☀️ Find a source of summer inspiration in these custom feature ideas from other publishers:

  • VAST viewability event logs.
  • Add custom fields to event logs.
  • Create a custom self-serve landing page for your portal.
  • Make use of custom carousel ads.
  • Track custom ad events (custom clicks).
  • Add self-serve ad impression syncing.
  • Add a self-serve reporting API endpoint.

Would these features or similar ones help you to lift your revenue? Contact us and let’s talk!

Bug Fixes

☀️ Over 51 bothersome bugs have been removed to help you enjoy the sun in peace:

  • Fixed self-serve advertiser export columns missing from UI Report.
  • Fixed advertiser properties being unable to be edited.
  • Fixed blank VAST campaign info after adding VAST 4.2 ad items.
  • Fixed being unable to delete a report due to role permission.
  • Fixed a preview issue on some zones.
  • Corrected an error while uploading files to the media library.

Content Spotlight

GAM needs no explanation as the world's most popular ad server.

It's a great platform, but not everyone is familiar with the risks it poses to publishers - learn more in this article.

Ad Serving via Google Ad Manager: Benefits, Risks & Alternatives

Help & How-To Resources:

☀️ Keep cool with these new feature guides and updated help documentation:

That’s it for this month’s midsummer update!

There are plenty of additional updates in the works - feel free to take a look at our product roadmap from earlier this year for more details!

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and we hope to see you on the new community website! 🌞

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