How to configure the AdButler WordPress plugin

How to properly configure the AdButler WordPress Plugin

1. Download the AdButler WordPress Plugin

Log into your WordPress site. Under Plugins, select "Add New" and search for "AdButler." Choose "Install Now" and activate the Plugin.

WordPress Plugin

2. Obtain your WordPress Key

Log into your AdButler Dashboard. Navigate to "Settings" and look for the "WordPress Key" field. Select and copy this code.

Get Key

3. Setup your AdButler Plugin on WordPress

In your WordPress Dashboard, select AdButler, navigate to "Settings", and enter your AdButler WordPress Key in the field.

Setup your WordPress Plugig

4. Configure your AdButler WordPress Plugin

Once you've entered your key, in your WordPress Dashboard select "Appearance," and navigate to "Widgets."

Enter Key

Once in Widgets you'll see the AdButler Widget under "Available Widgets." From this point you can drag & drop any number of the AdButler Widgets and place them into your Primary Sidebar, Footer Widget Area, or any other widgetable areas available in your theme.

Configure Drag

Once you place an AdButler Widget, select a Zone as listed in your AdButler account, choose the type of ad, and save this selection. When you refresh your WordPress site, you'll now see ad items from this zone as set out in your AdButler Zone Preferences.

Configure Set

AdButler WordPress Plugin Shortcodes

The AdButler WordPress Plugin now has shortcodes!

Here's how to use them: In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to any page or post. When editing the post, choose the TEXT input for editing the post. Place this code into your page content where you would like your ad to appear:

[adbutler zone_id="0000"]

Replace 0000 with a zone id from your AdButler account. This is available as the last element in the URL of your AdButler publisher's zone pages.

Save your post/page and hit preview to see your ad on the page!

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