Interstitial ads

Interstitial Style Popups

Interstitial Popups are available through AdButler using our Custom HTML Ad Item. Using Custom HTML, you can create a popup interstitial that can be formatted to your specific use case. In this sample, we use a public style sheet available through

We recommend creating a Dynamic Zone (Publisher->Add Zone->Dynamic), and then creating a Dynamic Ad Campaign under your advertisers for your interstitial popup style banners.

Here's an example of a simple interstitial pop-up banner:

Note: You'll simply need to change the <img src="> line to point to your own image.

Example Source:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<body onload="document.getElementById('id01').style.display='block'"
<div class="w3-container">

  <div id="id01" class="w3-modal">
    <div class="w3-modal-content">
      <header class="w3-container"> 
        <span onclick="document.getElementById('id01').style.display='none'" 
        class="w3-button w3-display-topright">×</span>
      <div class="w3-container">
        <a href="[TRACKING_LINK]" target="_blank"><img src="" style="width:100%"></img></a>

      <footer class="w3-container">


Making Changes:

You can use Custom CSS to adjust and style the interstitial.

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